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Executive Spotlight - April 15, 2009

Stephanie Jessop Borges

Director of Marketing & Media for Tennis Week/IMG

Will Rogers once said, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

She walked into the USTA interview room.Stephanie Jessop BorgesShe had an aura when she walked in the room. She was happy, confident, attractive, engaging and instantly you knew you wanted to get to know her. The fact that she had played collegiate tennis was helpful. Being a captain and #1 player didn't hurt either. Sales and event planning were also in her background. What took her over the top - a reference at one of her internships. It's the same reference that had to help Stephanie get her new job two years ago.

Some young people graduating from college this year and those who are in transition think that the fact they have graduated from college and were in a sports job ought to warrant another sports job offer. "How come no one looked at my credentials? I was an intern with the Gophers last summer," says a soon to be college sports management graduate. Career services professionals are surprised that one internship in the sports field may not be enough for their students to find employment this year.

But let's be frank. Does the NBA select anyone on draft day just because they PLAYED college basketball? What if they PLAYED for a nationally ranked team? Does everyone who played for a nationally ranked team instantly get drafted?

Every college athlete who has any ambition of taking the step between college athletics and professional sports knows that each statistic is important. Every time he or she steps onto the field or on court, how well he or she performs will be tallied. It"s no different from internships and your day-to-day business work. Every hour you spend working you are building statistics that can separate you from another person. You want to be the best at your company, in your field, in your age group. No, those statistics don't always have to be in sales. They can be in developing new ideas, saving money, working more efficiently, and finding ways to engage the customers more often. Stephanie Jessop was hired for a membership position with the USTA in part because of her skills. In part because of her engaging personality. In part because of a huge reference from one of her internships at IMG.

Jan Felgate from IMG London hired her as a college intern and this is what she said about the St. Lawrence University educated Stephanie Jessop about 5 years after the internship:

"I've been hiring and managing part-time Wimbledon staff for years. Stephanie stands out as one of the best I've ever had."

The best she's ever had!

Not surprisingly after Stephanie concluded a two-year stint with the USTA she came back to IMG and was hired to sell sponsorships for "Tennis Week" Magazine online.

First impressions...and lasting impressions. A collection of superlatives. No surprise, she aced the interview!

- Buffy Filippell

"She seems she is too good to be true and she is. She's everything and much more. She is."

--Esperanza Calvo, Area Director of Hotels - NH Hoteles

What I do...

Stephanie is responsible for overseeing all advertising and sponsorship sales for TW.com, coming up with new creative ways to integrate brand campaigns such as working with luxury fashion brands, cpg brands and endemics like Rolex, Cole Haan, Evian, Prince, Wilson, etc; working with the editorial team to ensure they have the most up to date tennis information and working closely with agents to make sure we have relevant sponsorship and unique and exclusive stories.


IMG/TENNIS WEEK; New York, NY; 2007 - present
Director of Marketing & Media

G8 MEDIA; New York, NY; 2006 - 2007
Director of Business Development

USTA; White Plains, NY; 2004 - 2006
Manager of Member Events and the Affinity Card

APICE MARKETING; New York, NY; 2004 - 2005
Director of New Business Development

NH HOTELES; New York, NY; 2001 - 2003
Sales Manager, Corporate Accounts

LAST MINUTE TRAVEL.COM; New York, NY; 2000 - 2001
Account Supervisor

NYC & COMPANY; NYC VB; New York, NY; 1999 - 2000
Manager of Sponsorships and Promotions

TeamWork Innovators

Daryl Morey, General Manager, Houston Rockets

Daryl Morey brought some amazing talents to the sports industry. Upon graduating from Northwestern where he worked part-time while in school for Stats, Inc., before entering graduate school at MIT Daryl was hired as a Senior Knowledge Management Engineer and helped Mitre develop a computer program for NSA which could scan all the international videos and bring up clips of specific items - such as "Hussein" - and show just those clips across all international broadcasts. This technology was later developed for commercial use and marketed under the company, Virage. Mr. Morey wrote the code and algorithm. He could convert speech to text and frames and mark when a story started and ended on the video. Is it a surprise he has become the thought leader in advancing database analytics, algorithms and technology in the sports industry?

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"Morey is the whiz-kid stats analyst who made news last month when he was hired from the Celtics, where he worked on the business side, to take over as (GM) Dawson's eventual replacement. With his background as a Bill James disciple, Morey's hiring was hailed as the NBA's first venture into "Moneyball."

- Marty Burns, Sports Illustrated