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Executives Spotlight stories appeared on this website starting in 2001. Some of the executive's professional experience may have changed since they were published.

Executive Spotlight - February 20, 2002

Chris Jogis

Senior Marketing Manager, New Products, Pepsi

Is there life after the Olympics? Chris Jogis Haven't we been told the best we can ever ask for is 15 minutes of fame? What happens to an Olympian after he's an Olympian?

Chris Jogis, Pepsi's Senior Marketing Manager, is one model for success. Not only has he been a successful national champion and Olympic athlete, he has also held meaningful, wonderful positions in sports marketing. He quietly but persistently wanted to meet me in the summer of 1994 while interning (or should we say, "volunteering") for IMG that summer. He wanted me to know who he was.

He was impressive. From 1989 to 1992, Chris Jogis was a member of our United States Olympic badminton team. No, he and his sport didn't receive the prime time coverage on NBC, but it was a dream come true, his dream, a lifelong dream of being an Olympic athlete. Traveling and training six days a week, four hours a day to ascend to the highest levels of your sport to wear the rings of the Olympics representing the United States. He was our top U.S. Olympic finisher in the 1992 Olympic Men's badminton singles and 6-time U.S. National Men's singles champion. He was the Captain and four-time All American Varsity badminton player at Arizona State, yet majored cum laude in finance within four and a half years. He had no agent. He negotiated his own shoe, racquet and clothing sponsorship deals.

And after the 1992 Olympics his life began...again. Entering into Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business, Chris studied business and co-chaired the sports marketing club. He interned with Coca-Cola during the summer of 1993 as they were planning their Olympic programs for 1994, and then he followed that with a stint at IMG. Upon graduation, he secured a position of Assistant Category Manager then Category Manager with K-Swiss shoes and was involved in one of the athletic shoe company's biggest product launches.

Two years thereafter I contacted him. I approached Chris about moving to New York to work for NFL Properties in New York managing their Sprint sponsorship. With his fiancé in New York and Chris in Los Angeles, it was a perfect move. I knew an Olympic athlete with a Master's in Management degree had the proper credential for the sponsorship department at NFL Properties - many of whom were MBA's from other major business schools. And after three years at Properties, Chris went back to the corporate world, working for sports marketing sponsor, Pepsi, in developing marketing programs around Pepsi's Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer sponsorships.

Is it ironic that Chris was once a tutor for "I have a Dream Program" at Kellogg? Yes, he had dream. And he has clearly fulfilled his dreams, both as an athlete and as a contributor to the sporting goods and sports marketing business. And that has to give us all hope to go for our dreams!

Yes, there can be life after the Olympics. Godspeed to them all!

- Buffy Filippell

"He's a gold medal performer in business."

--Cynthia Weber, Director of Marketing & Strategic Planning, NFL Properties

What I do...

Chris has moved into a new marketing role, outside of sports for the first time, working on new product development - creating new beverages to satisfy unmet consumer needs and supplement Pepsi's existing beverage portfolio.


PEPSI; Purchase, NY; 1999-present
Sr. Marketing Manager, New Products
Marketing Manager, Sports and Grass Roots

NFL PROPERTIES; New York, NY; 1996-1999
Senior Manager, Corporate Sponsorship Marketing
Account Executive, Sprint

K-SWISS; Chatsworth, CA; 1995-1996
Category Manager
Assistant Category Manager

Corporate Marketing Intern

COCA-COLA USA; Atlanta, GA; 1993
Marketing, Intern

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Daryl Morey, General Manager, Houston Rockets

Daryl Morey brought some amazing talents to the sports industry. Upon graduating from Northwestern where he worked part-time while in school for Stats, Inc., before entering graduate school at MIT Daryl was hired as a Senior Knowledge Management Engineer and helped Mitre develop a computer program for NSA which could scan all the international videos and bring up clips of specific items - such as "Hussein" - and show just those clips across all international broadcasts. This technology was later developed for commercial use and marketed under the company, Virage. Mr. Morey wrote the code and algorithm. He could convert speech to text and frames and mark when a story started and ended on the video. Is it a surprise he has become the thought leader in advancing database analytics, algorithms and technology in the sports industry?

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"Morey is the whiz-kid stats analyst who made news last month when he was hired from the Celtics, where he worked on the business side, to take over as (GM) Dawson's eventual replacement. With his background as a Bill James disciple, Morey's hiring was hailed as the NBA's first venture into "Moneyball."

- Marty Burns, Sports Illustrated