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Executives Spotlight stories appeared on this website starting in 2001. Some of the executive's professional experience may have changed since they were published.

Executive Spotlight - March 20, 2002

Kae Rader

Managing Director, Human Resources, USOC

There was a front page article in the Cleveland "Plain Dealer" Kae Rader recently about 6 college women driving from Florida back to Bowling Green State University one night and their minivan drifted across the interstate highway median and was side-swiped by a truck ironically filled with books. The accident instantly killed all six women. Within that moment, their lives were snuffed out. Gone. We've all read stories like this. And we wonder, what would their lives have been had they'd been given a second chance?

Kae Rader was given a second chance. Early in her career after graduating from Purdue University, she was offered the opportunity to work with the Honorable William H. Hudnut III. He's one of Indianapolis' most popular mayors and has been credited with masterminding Indianapolis' development of the Amateur Sports Capital of America. She worked for him in media relations, acting as the media spokesperson and press secretary, for one thing, when the city lured the NFL's Colts to relocate.

While in public office, Kae was diagnosed with clavicle cancer. This was critical. Many thought it may be the end of her life. The chips were down. Kae fought it off, going through treatments and discomfort, and she was blessed with a second chance.

So we don't say, what would her life have been. Rather, we celebrate what her life is.....She became the Executive Director of Indianapolis' Downtown Promotion Council moved briefly to Walker Research and then headed up marketing, development, membership solicitation, and public relations for the Indiana Sports Corporation until 1991 when she moved to Colorado Springs when we recruited her to head one of our National Governing Bodies, U.S. Table Tennis. She moved on to serve as a Senior Director in grants for the United States Olympic Committee and then moved to head up human resources in 2000. She worked closely under Scott Blackmun, the USOC's former interim CEO, as they restructured the employment practices to align with organizational strategy.

-They established a performance based pay system with objective and quantifiable measures;

-They aligned compensation and benefits with market standards for all employee levels;

-They created and implemented comprehensive employee communications programs;

-And she assisted Scott with the development of the first-ever USOC Operating Plan with measurable objectives.

"The challenge now, years later, is remembering to keep that perspective alive--not to take life for granted. It's easy to be consumed by trivial details and lose sight of what's really meaningful. When I catch myself doing that, I call up memories of long ago. What a thrill it is to realize that every day is a second chance. And that 's true for all of us," Kae recounted recently.

On a job application for the NBA Teams Job Fair, one of the traits NBA teams seek in an individual is persistence - being able to get back up once you've been pushed down. We've all been pushed down once or twice in our lives. I admire those who successfully push back when the odds are stacked against them and sometimes they can "will" their second chances into happening.

It's not what could Kae's life have been; it's what her life is and will continue to be....thank, God.

- Buffy Filippell

"Kae Rader is a consummate professional and very team-oriented. She is talented and committed to helping others succeed. Her planning skills made her an extremely valuable member of our team and she enjoys the respect of everyone who has worked with her."

--Scott Blackmun, COO, AEG

What I do...

Kae reports to the Chief of Staff and is responsible for: compensation and benefits, performance management, training and development, staffing and recruitment, employee communications, USOC Diversity Programs and the Volunteer program.


USOC; Colorado Springs, CO; 1994-present
Managing Director, Human Resources, 2000 - present
Senior Director of Grants & Planning;1997-2000

Director, Member Organizations Grants, 1994 - 1997

USA TABLE TENNIS; Colorado Springs, CO; 1991-1994
Executive Director

INDIANA SPORTS CORPORATION; Indianapolis, IN; 1987-1991
Vice President
Director of Marketing/Development

WALKER RESEARCH, INC.; Indianapolis, IN; 1986-1987
Account Executive

DOWNTOWN PROMOTION COUNCIL; Indianapolis, IN; 1985-1986
Executive Director

OFFICE OF MAYOR, WM. H. HUDNUT III; Indianapolis, IN; 1978-1985
Executive Assistant to the Mayor

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